Extraction from the Quarry

The Marble and Granite Blocks are extracted from the Quarry using Excavators and Diamond Wiresaw machine.

Blocks Cutting

The Granite blocks are then cut into slabs in a Granite Diamond Cutter or a Multi Wire setup and the Marble blocks are processed in a Gangsaw Machine

Grinding & Polishing

The slabs after being cut in a diamond cutter machine or a gangsaw machine are then smoothened on it's surface by the liner polish machine. The epoxy chemical is applied on the surface of the slabs which gives the granite it's natural and characteristic shine and luster. It is then allowed to be absorbed and dried up in heat. The slabs are then polished in the liner polish machine giving it the different types of finishes.

Finished Marble or Granite Slabs

After the Polishing is done in a liner polish machine the slabs are then ready to be sold, exported and installed.