Marble is a granular metamorphic rock, it is derived from limestone or dolomite and It consists of a mass of interlocking grains of calcite or the mineral dolomite. Form of it when limestone buried deep in the older layers of Earth’s crust is subjected to heat and pressure from thick layers of overlying sediments. It may also form as a result of contact metamorphism near igneous intrusions. Marble is a true transmitter of sensations that does not allow those who see it to remain unmoved. Multifaceted in its textures and colours, marble applies it seductive power to the creation of singular experiences. The fact that nature forged this material over the years endows it with the property of exclusiveness since there are no two pieces the same. Of unquestionable beauty, marble has been employed since time immemorial, both in decoration and construction. Marble slabs can be used in interior and exterior paving, together with stairways, facades, worktop and floorings.